ComicBooth 5 – Crosshatch

By Press on October 18, 2011 in blog, products
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* Take Comic Book Photo Instantly With ComicBooth * DIYAppReview

* Most other apps require that you take a picture, than apply effects to it. This app actually allows you to see how your photo will look live, before actually snaping the picture. That in itself is pretty impressive * DIYAppReview

* The most amazing Comic Effect camera on iTunes! *

* What ComicBooth does, it does astonishingly well. *

ComicBooth vol.5 creates the artistic crosshatching effect. Take Comic Book Picture Instantly with ComicBooth.

? Artistic crosshatching effects.
? Take snaps in portrait or landscape.
? Instant playback of last photo taken.
? Comic flip transition playback.
? Torch mode on/off support for iPhone 4.
? Share your comic photos with your friends with email, twitter, facebook.
? Switch between the front and back facing camera
on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.
? Realistic comic frame.
? Line width adjustment.
? Luminance adjustment.
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