How Not to Feel Overwhelmed?

By Press on October 31, 2016 in blog
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The way I tend to handle task is I add them to my mental stack and I tackle them one at a time.  I find it hard to keep hammering at one task from start to finish in one go.  What I have learnt and worked for me quite well is to rotate the task and work on them as my passion for it revived.  If I do it consistently and every time I put my mind on an item on the mental stack, I enjoy the process and hammer it for as long as time allowed.  My mental stack will slowly but surely be completed in a relatively easy manner.  This methodology aligns with my core value of having a “Peace of mind and Enjoy Life”.

Once in a while, my mental stack will growth so big that I sometime feel overwhelmed.  In that case, I choose to pick one of the low hanging fruit, set up the work environment, so they are visible and ready to be worked on.  Then take a break, I mean physically and mentally taking a break from everything.  The next time I see the work environment, I will picking the low hanging fruit.

The idea is to set up small wins to clean up the task and having small successes.


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