Sales Report – Feb 2016

By Press on March 1, 2016 in Sales Reports
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January was a busy month.  Not because I had to go to work any more, my Software Architect/Senior Consultant job was outsourced to India last December.   I am taking a sabbatical and working on some of the projects that I have been putting off for so long

In Feb, there was a total of 1,240 app download with $2810 revenue resulting in $1,910 net income.  Here are some of the highlights:

App Name Downloads changes
Blacklight Vision -20%
Milebuddy -23%
Baseball Pitch Speed Radar Gun +37%
Wallet+ Pro +28%

Baseball Pitch Speed Radar Gun

This app continued to hover on the US Entertainment top 50, guess people love what they installed.

Wallet+ Pro

This app continued to trend up and occupied the US Finance Top 50 for a few weeks and then jumped in and out of the Top 100.



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