Photo Deck

By Press on January 25, 2011 in blog, products
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Photo Deck is a fun little app that let you instantly create photo collages right from your iPhone!


Select and add photos:
– Select and add photos from the library and randomly place them on the screen.

Randomly scatter the photos over the screen with auto scale and rotation.
– Click “Scramble” until you get the desired effect.
– You can also “Shake” the device to scramble the photos.

– Shuffle the photos around while the frames stay in the same positions.
– Click “Shuffle” until you get the desired effect.

Free hand adjust:
–  Rotate a photo with rotate gesture.
– Resize a photo with pinch gesturee.
– Move a photo by dragging.

– Select a photo and click on the “Trash can” to remove the photo from the screen.

Save and Share:
– Save the result to photo library.
– Upload to Facebook.
– Start Over a new session.
– Support Portrait and Landscape mode!