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I used to have a hard time visualizing how to make a million dollar.  Coming from a background of earning six figure a year that involve punching a virtual time card day in and day out for close to 52 weeks less vacation days and public holiday.  That’s close to 10 times in value. Better yet, it mean I need to work 10 times more hours in a year.  Impossible!  That’s when I was selling my time for money.  That wouldn’t be a problem if I am immortal.  Well, even if you are immortal, it’s still a awfully long and boring way to earn a million dollar.

Then it struck me one day when I was scribbling on a sticky note and started writing down a considerably smaller number, a more manageable one, a number that you feel is more grounded and real.  For me, that magic number was $50.  So, the idea was to create a portfolio of products that made an average of $50 a day.  Then I started multiplying $50 by 30 days and then by 12 months.   Hey, that’s $18,000 a year.  So that means just 5 lousy portfolio of products got me out of the wage slavery!  And it felt – really doable!