Wallet+ to Wallet+ Pro Data Migration Update

By Press on January 26, 2016 in blog
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I managed to submit a new data migration update to Apple and both Wallet+  and Wallet+ Pro have been approved and released.  Please give the data migration a try:

1. Open Wallet+, go to the Upgrade tab (2nd tab)


2. Tap “Upgrade to Wallet+ Pro” and purchase the Pro version form the AppStore.

3. Tap “Copy Data to Wallet+ Pro”.

4. On the popup, tap”Copy to Wallet Plus Pro”.


5. It will open Wallet+ Pro and display the “Import Data” popup, tap “OK”.


6.  On the “Confirmation” pop up, tap “OK”


If you have any issue, please submit a ticket.  Click here to go to the support system.

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