Achilles Rehab Journey

Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehab – Week 1

By the time, I went in for the surgery, I have done extensive researches on  If you are suffering form Achilles Tendon Rupture, you are welcome to join the club and document your own progress.  There are hundreds of blogs and thousands of blog posts, I am sure you will find someone your can relate to and get some moral support.  When you create a blog and post your progress there, you will find some long time friendly neighbours commenting on your progress and giving your timely advices.

Ryanb’s achilles blog – First 100 days 

I found Ryan’s background and goal more align with mine. This is the blog post I referred to the most during my recovery.  Ryan is a speed skating guy, active and strong.  He too was determined to get back to the pre-injury level.  I found the first 100 day guide very useful for comparing my own progress against a role model.  He successfully recovered without healing long and managed to beat his pre injury record time.

Surgery Day – 27 June, 2016 

8:00 am Orthopaedic consultation with Dr Kendall.  He mentioned the pros and cons between surgical and non surgical is about the same.  Discusses percutaneous
11:00 am went back to the Richmond hospital registration and was told surgery pack is not ready.  Was told to sit in the waiting area.

01:30 pm  Get prepped for surgery. Change of clothes and get on the stretcher.
02:00 pm

Given 3 Tylenol extra strength, Zantac for acid reflex and another medication for nausea.

02:30 pm

Got poked a couple times to administer IV.

02:45 pm Met with Anesthesiologist, discussed options. General and spinal.  I prefer general but he will pick the right option.
03:00 pm Met surgeon Dr Calvert

Removed cast and performed Thomson test.  Pressing along be tendon to access symptoms.

03:30 pm

Got wheeled into the operation room.  I was surprised by how many staffs there are.  Anesthesiologist told me he is going to test the antibiotic and covered my mouth with oxygen mask.  Then I went under.

 Woke up in recovery room.  Wife told me the doc called her around that time and tell her that the rupture is extensive.


04:30 pm Woke up from deep sleep, feeling the squeeze from blood pressure monitor.  I think they took my pressure in 10 mins intervals.  
05:30 pm Ready to go.  Got home around 5:30 after stopping by the Pharmacy to drop off Tylenol 3 prescription (30 pills) Take 1-2 pills every 4 hours.
07:10 pm  no pain, general anaesthetic has pretty much wore off since I was no longer sleepy.  1 Tylenol #3 tablet as a precaution. It takes 1 hour to take effect.  Congee for dinner.
Felt a pressure point on the cast at the back along the Achilles’ tendon. Hard to find a position to sleep without rubbing.  I found sleeping on  my side with a pillow between the legs works best.



Day 1 Post Op – 28 Jun, 2016

7am Woke up and take 1 Tylenol 3.  
4:30pm Feeling numb starting from the pinky toe all the way to the big toes.  I didn’t think I can endure being squeezed 24/7 for 2 weeks until the next doctor’s appointment, so I went back to the ER and see if they can adjust the cast.


Dr Kwok spilt the cast along the right side and wedged some bandages into the cast to relief the pressure. It felt a little better but don’t know why they couldn’t just make it open toes.

A looser cast actually made me feel more pain since my foot wasn’t all strangled and numbed anymore.



Gave in and took a Tylenol 3.  Went to bathroom but no bowel movement, possible side effect of Tylenol 3.

Day 2 Post Op – 29 June

Woke up around 11.  Cast pressure is better, guess swelling subsided.  Awesome wife made me breakfast in bed.


Day 3 Post Op – 01 July

Right calf 14 inches, left calf 14 inches.  After some researches, I decided to give BCAA a try.  Bought the Mettle BCAA hoping that it didn’t taste awful.    Mixed and drank 4g BCAA to see if I can tolerate.  I did about 50 toe wiggles in cast and some very slight plantar flexion.

Followed aWeek 0-2 PT protocol I found online.  It included leg raises, quad squeeze and knee bend.  


Day 4 Post Op – 02 July

Read doug53’s Achilles blog.  He was one of the rare people that walk in shoes within weeks after surgery.  Wiggled in cast with plantar flexion (100 reps) to avoid calf muscle atrophy and minimize estrogenic muscle inhibition.

Seemed most muscle loss is on the soleus.  It is used for stabilization.  Watched a video from Ron William regarding calf training. He pointed out the weight should be focused on the toes side instead of rolling toward the pinky toes.

Performed pointy toe hold inside cast with very low pressure for 90 sec.  Glute ham hold.

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