Achilles Rehab Journey

Achilles Tendon Rupture Shopping List

I wish someone had put up a shopping list like this when I got injured.  I spent tremendous time and effort researching the products to make my life easier during the first 8 to 12 weeks of non weight bearing and partial weight bearing.  Here we go:


1. Da Boot!  (You will be wearing this for 8 weeks or more)

I was given a Air Cast boot to start and I hated it.  It’s heavy and it rubbed right on my broken achilles.

After some researches, I found the one Kobe Bryant and David Beckham used look way better.  Trust me, top athletes take care of their body seriously.  You can’t go wrong with Vacoped.  Get it here.



2. Crutches (You will absolutely hate them but you need them)

Regular Crutches in North America

I got myself a pair of these and I absolutely hated them.  Little did I know that I wasn’t supposed to lean on them by resting my armpits on the top pads, I was lucky I found out sooner than later.  Resting your armpits on the top pads will rest in nerve damage.  It begs the question, why ($%#) did they put pads at the top in the first place?  If you are not support to rest on them, they should make sharp edges at the top or some other non-sense.  I have never use crutches in my life before this injury.  It turns out when I was on crutches, I can’t carry anything ?.  Yes, I mean anything, not your jacket, not your wallet, not even your life saving ice pack.  So once I realized how stupid crutches are, I immediately research for better alternatives.

3. iWalker

I was skeptical at first and went round and round on the internet, looking for videos and testimonial.  I finally bite the bullet and had it shipped to my door overnight.   Boy, was I glad I made that decision.  I lived in a 2 stories townhouse.  iWalker made going up and down stair so much easier and safer.  My hands were free to grab hold onto the rails and carry dishes and drinks around.  There are a couple of down sides:

  1. Getting in and out of the straps is cumbersome.  It’s pretty cumbersome when I finished eating on the couch and had to put on the straps in order to “walk” to the kitchen and reverse the process on the way back.
  2. The rod has no propulsion.  It might not seems that big of a deal until my back hurt.  Our calves and achillies work together for shock absorption and propulsion.  Without them, the work were done by my back muscle.  During the recovery, my back definitely hurt more than my foot.

Get it here.

4. Forearm Crutches

Even with the iWalker, I still need to find another pair of crutches that can take care of the partial weight bearing period.  I barely use them but I can tell you they are way more manoeuvrable.  Get it here.

5. Shower Bench

I found the most dangerous activity during the rehab process is getting in and out of the bath tub.  A shower bench is a life saver.  Most of the re-rupture cases I read about are caused by slipping.  Slipping on stair, slipping in kitchen, etc.  Get it here.

6. Vibrational Massager

Study shows (in mice) by applying vibrational massager on the achillies tendon for 30 seconds trigger collagen growth.  I did it daily while my foot was in cast and while I was in boot.  Get it here.

7. EMS device

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulator.  I used it to help minimize muscle atrophy.  Use it carefully and don’t over do it.  Get it here.



1. Vitamin C

There is scientific proof that vitamin help your body produce collagen.  Dosage is very important here, it should be 1000 mg to 2000 mg.  I take it religiously since surgery to 5 months.

2. Jello

Jello contains collagen, it’s more a comfortable food.  Dosage is 1 box a day ?.  By 3 weeks, I was totally sick of it.


It’s for preventing muscle atrophy.  I didn’t take it for long since my stomach didn’t agree with it.  In hindsight, I don’t find it all that useful.

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