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App Acquisition – Wallet+

I recently acquired a finance app Wallet+.   It is a decent app with a long history of loyal fans.   You can take a look at the FAQ/Help manual I put together over here.  Here is my shameless plug:

Are you sick of carrying around a wallet as thick as a brick? How about worrying about losing your wallet, and not even knowing what needs to be replaced?

Maybe you have cards you only use occasionally, but you never know when you might need them, so you carry them all the time anyway…

Well those days are over my friend. Wallet+ will backup all your cards to your phone, so you have 24/7 access to everything you need, even if you forget your wallet.

But don’t take my word for how great this app is. Here’s what some of our users have to say…

“So useful. A need for all who have an iPhone.”

“I tried 7 – yes, seven – card apps yesterday. I Deleted them all and loaded my Wallet Plus up in the new phone. The other programs were too busy and had too many steps to get to the card.”

Thousands of users love Wallet+, we know you will too!

It is not without problem though:

1. First off, Wallet+ come with iCloud integration.  iCloud is notoriously flaky and require constant update for each iOS update.  That’s an overhead I don’t want since each update wipe out all the previous reviews on the appStore which in turn affect ranking and download.

2. As per AppStore’s rule, any app with or preciously has Subscription IAP, iCloud integration cannot be transferred directly.  It means the app ranking, reviews and customer update cannot be directly transferred.  So it means I would be buying source code only!!?

Apparently, a few suitors have approach the original owner and were all turned off by this problem.  Not for me, I immediately turned on my problem solving mode and came up with a neat solution.  I requested a collaboration with the original owner in the agreement.  I created a free version of the app with a limited of 2 cards and removed the iCloud function.  Then I added in a link to upgrade to the Wallet+ Pro and a one tap update function to transfer all data to the Wallet+ Pro version.

The first trial was a flop.  I got tons of support emails from the old customers.  You know how much I hate support emails.  But this time they are legit.  I took the data transfer mechanism I created years ago fro MileBuddy Lite / MileBuddy and snapped it onto Wallet+ / Wallet+ Pro.  It worked perfectly during testing and even production up until I asked the customers how many cards they created in the app.  It turned out that the mechanism I used for MileBuddy (URL encoding of SQlite) has a maximum character limit.

Well, back to the drawing board.  I immediately Google up my trusty stackoverflow looking for a solution.  Besides URL Encoding, the other option is to open the file in one app directly in another.  Sounds like a match.  It took me quite some time to find out the end to end flow of this solution.  I was never a big fan of Apple’s official API document.  Since API document is never written by real developer, they obviously read like something written by non-developer.  Except for a few, my first response when I read an official API document is always WTF?!?  Thanks God, nowadays, we have a group of good people helping each other on  That’s something pushing the human race forward.

Since I never have this much support email before, this incident forced me to set up my first support system using osTicket.   I quickly set up a series of canned responses to consolidate similar response.

After testing and retesting the new upgrade mechanism, I co-ordinated with the original owner and requested an expedited reviews for both apps.   This time, it was a success!  The water is flowing through the old app to the new app!

One thing remain, though, is now I need to crunch out a backup/restore services that allow users to sycn their wallet data between devices.  This will be a consumable IAP in order to weed out low value customers and provide better support for high value customers.  If it’s successful, I will be able to keep and serve the high value customer better while reducing overhead form the low value customers.

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